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Associazione Italiana di
Geologia Applicata e Ambientale

Associazione Italiana di Geologia Applicata e Ambientale      

EGU2019 - Session HS8.2.4 ’’Groundwater flow understanding in water management and environmental problems’’ (Vienna, 07-12/04/2019)

Dear Colleagues,

we are pleased to invite you to present your work at EGU2019 (Vienna, 7 April – 12 April 2019) in the session HS8.2.4, entitled:



Conveners: Jim LaMoreaux, Daniela Ducci, Manuela Lasagna, Judit MádlSzőnyi


Description of the session:


The session aims to bring together scientists studying different aspects related to groundwater circulation and management.

Understanding of gravitational groundwater flow requires knowledge of the prevailing flow system from the local to a regional scale. Moreover, problems connected to groundwater management underline the importance of sustainable development of groundwater.

In this context, the session intends to analyze issues connected to groundwater management and its protection from qualitative and quantitative degradation (e.g. overexploitation, climate change and its consequences on groundwater, and groundwater contamination …) in the context of groundwater flow understanding.

Papers related to methods of defining groundwater flow, preventing, controlling and mitigating negative environmental impacts related to groundwater are also welcome.

This session is sponsored by IAH - Regional Groundwater Flow Commission.


Please, pass this information to anyone who might be interested and feel free to contact us if you need any help or support.

We hope to see you in Vienna!


Warmest Regards,

Jim, Daniela, Manuela and Judit



Abstract submission

Deadline for abstract submission:  10 Jan 2019, 13:00 CET.

If you would like to apply for a Roland Schlich travel support, please submit no later than

1 December 2018.
You may submit the text of your contribution as plain text, LaTeX, or MS Word content. Each abstract will be charged with Abstract Processing Charge (APC) of €40.00 gross (€33.61 net).

Detailed information on how to submit an abstract can be found at:


Travel support
EGU provides some limited financial support - Roland Schlich travel support - to cover expenses related to participation at the EGU General Assembly. Scientists who wish to apply for a Roland Schlich travel support must be the contact author, as well as the first and presenting author of their contribution, and they must apply by 1 December 2018. Full information can be found at:


Additional information
Full information about the EGU2019:


Session convenors

Jim LAMOREAUX (PE LaMoreaux & Assocs., Inc., United States;

Daniela DUCCI (Università Federico II - Napoli, Ingegneria Civile, Edile e ambientale – DICEA, Italy;

Manuela LASAGNA (Earth Sciences Department, Turin University, Italy;

Judit MÁDL-SZŐNYI (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary;    


Dott.ssa Manuela Lasagna

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra

Università di Torino

via Valperga Caluso 35

10125 Torino (Italy)

tel +39 0116705171


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