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90° SGI Congress - Session P11. Hydrogeological environments: challenges and advances (on line, Trieste, 14-16/09/2021) - scadenza invio abstract: 8/6/2021

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring your attention to the "P11. Hydrogeological environments: challenges and advances" session scheduled at the upcoming 90th Congress of the Italian Geological Society that will be, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemics, held online from 14th to the 16th September 2021.


The submission deadline is set for 8th June 2021 at 19:00.


The online fees are free for research fellows, PhD students, and students (if up to date with the payment of the Società Geologica Italiana membership fee).  


You can get further information on the congress online on the dedicated congress website at: 

A more detailed description of the session follows at the end of this email or at SGI webpage:


Please, note that a sponsorship of the Central European Initiative ( of Trieste is active to host (by paying the enrollment fee) doctoral students from the Balkan area.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and feel free to re-distribute this invitation to interested colleagues.


We look forward to receiving your contributions,

Luca Zini, Manuela Lasagna, Franci Gabrovsek


P11. Hydrogeological environments: challenges and advances

Conveners: Luca Zini [University of Trieste], Manuela Lasagna [University of Torino], Franci Gabrovsek [Research Karst Institute Postojna]

Corresponding e-mail:


The studies related to porous, fissured and karst aquifers are not only focused to the study of the water resources and to the realization of hydrogeological models, but also to a better understanding of the future availability of the resources in terms of quality and quantity. The sustainable management of groundwater is still challenging due to the increasing over-exploitation, the sea-water intrusion, and the pollution events, with the consequent deterioration of water quality. Moreover, analysis of flow and transport in aquifers must consider strong local heterogeneities in the hydraulic parameter field and typically sparse and uncertain field data for system characterization. The session welcomes contributions covering all aspects of the hydrogeology of porous, fissured and/or karstified aquifers as well as geomorphological studies aimed at better understanding the hydrogeological environment. Contributions related to the methods for assessing the vulnerability of the aquifers are also welcome. We also encourage contributions related to new approaches for sustainable management of groundwater resources and the analysis of the consequences due to climate change. SGI 2021.pdf SGI 2021 - CEI.pdf




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