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90° SGI Congress - Session P16. Floods (on line, Trieste, 14-16/09/2021) - scadenza invio abstract: 8/06/2021

Cari Soci

su segnalazione di Giacomo Pepe vi inoltro
l’informativa relativa alla sessione P16 (Floods), che si terrà 
nell’ambito del 90° Congresso della Società Geologica Italiana e sarà 
coordinata dai Proff. Cencetti e Surian insieme a Giacomo Pepe.

In calce trovate la descrizione della sessione e 
le relative informazioni.

Cordiali saluti
Il Segretario AIGA
Claudia Meisina
Session P16. Floods

Conveners: Giacomo Pepe [University of Genova], Corrado Cencetti 
[University of Perugia], Nicola Surian [University of Padova]

Corresponding e-mail:

Floods represent one of the most important and frequent geo-hazards. 
Although significant progress has been made, the study of floods (e.g. 
prediction and mapping) continues to be a major challenge for 
scientists and practitioners. The purpose of this session is to gather 
contributions that highlight the role of geological and 
geomorphological aspects in understanding, modelling and predicting 
floods and related hazard. It provides a platform for 
interdisciplinary approaches and case studies addressing the analysis 
of floods at different spatial scales, using both classical and 
innovative methodologies (e.g. remote sensing techniques), which may 
be useful for researchers, stakeholders and decision makers involved 
in flood risk mitigation and management.
Although we expect that contributions will give a broad view about 
floods, we encourage contributions on the following topics:
- Extreme floods
- Floods related to specific geological processes (e.g. landslide dams)
- The role of geomorphic processes (i.e. channel lateral mobility, 
intense sediment and wood transport) during floods
- Channel adjustments (e.g. channel incision and narrowing) and their 
implications for flood modelling and mapping.

All information about abstract submission are available at the 
following page
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