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Special Issue della rivista ’’Geosciences’’ dal titolo ’’Shoreline Dynamics and Beach Erosion’’ - scadenza invio contributi: 31/01/2021

Cari Soci,

Gianluigi Di Paola ci segnala la Special Issue dal titolo "Shoreline Dynamics and Beach Erosion" con deadline il 31 Gennaio 2021, sulla Rivista Geosciences. Più informazioni sono reperibili nella call in calce alla mail e al seguente link:

Cordiali saluti
Il Segretario
Irene Bollati



Dear Colleagues,

Coasts are highly dynamic and geomorphologic complex systems with fragile balance that are now under increasing threat from climate change and anthropogenic activities that impact the coastal systems directly or indirectly. Among the major adverse impacts that can result, coastal erosion represents one of the most pressing global environmental issues, especially where it concerns flat and low-lying coastal areas that appear particularly susceptible to beach erosion and related further shoreline retreat.

In this Special Issue, we expect to collect a set of contributions providing new experimental results and methodological approaches on “shoreline dynamics” and “beach erosion”, general themes that leave ample room for in-depth analyses of various types. In fact, based on the specific purposes and geographic/climate context, the investigation of a coastal system can lead to face a number of questions and objectives. Therefore, we would like to invite you to submit articles about your research or case studies, regarding the following topics:

  • beach characterization and related suitable approaches/methods;
  • reconstruction of shoreline changes, recent trends and future scenarios;
  • hydrometeorological extreme events and their impact on coastal morphology;
  • assessment of causal factors of coastal erosion (from climate to anthropogenic drivers);
  • beach erosion vs anthropization and defences of the coast;
  • geological, physical and engineering-based approaches for beach erosion remediation and coastal risk assessment.

Besides studies based on classical geomorphological methods and analyses, contributions that include the use of modern technologies (such as GPS, Drones, Digital photogrammetry, etc.) and GIS analysis are particularly welcome.

Dr. Gianluigi Di Paola
Prof. Germán Rodríguez
Prof. Carmen M. Rosskopf
Guest Editors






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